Thanks to the mail module, you can manage all your e-mail accounts from within the drive system (if you are a public institution user, your institution can make restrictions on the scope of e-mail addresses that can be added). You can read and reply to incoming e-mails with their attachments and create new e-mails.

Adding an Email Account

  • From the Modules menu, enter the Mail field.
  • Define your e-mail address with the Add E-Mail Account option.
  • Enter the server parameters and password information in this field. Exchange information comes automatically in your institution. After entering the parameters, select the Verify Account option and perform the account verification process and click the Save button.
  • All e-mails on your server will be displayed on the screen.
  • To create a new email, click the new email option in the upper left corner.
  • Edit and send your e-mail on the screen that opens.
  • The e-mails you send from this area are forwarded to the destination via your e-mail address.
  • After composing your e-mail, upload the files on your desktop by clicking the paperclip icon next to the Send button.
  • For the uploaded file, the download link of the file is automatically placed in your e-mail.
  • Thus, you can reply to your e-mails or send new e-mails with unlimited file size.

When the quota of your e-mail account is full, you can archive your e-mails with the archiving method and free up space in your quota by deleting your archived e-mails.

  1. Archiving Emails
    1. Mail Archive Methods
      • Archive: Allows archiving of selected mails for one time.
      • Archive and Delete: Allows archiving of one-time selected mails and freeing up space by deleting them from the server.
      • Auto-Archive: Provides regular archiving of mails with specified criteria.
      • Auto-Archive and Delete: It provides regular archiving of mails and clearing space by deleting them from the server with the specified criteria.
    2. AutoArchive Parameters
      • Email Folder
      • Incoming From E-Mail Address
      • Incoming From E-Mail Server
      • Outgoing to E-Mail Address
      • About
      • What's Included
      • Before / After Date
      • Starred /With Read Receipts /With File Attachment

      To perform the archiving process, you can access all the e-mails you want to archive by clicking the Add AutoArchive Rule button.

      • Click the AutoArchive Rule button.
      • Select the folder containing the mails you want to archive.
      • Specify the criteria for the relevant mails to be archived and click the continue button.
      • In accordance with the relevant criteria, you can see how many mails you have on your server and you can perform the archiving process by choosing one of 4 different methods.
  2. Editing and Removing AutoArchive Rules
    • Click the Settings button.
    • Select AutoArchive Rules from the three-dot menu next to your e-mail account.
    • Perform editing and deletion with the three-dot menu next to the created archive rules.

    Note:: Even if you do not open the Mail Module with automatic archiving rules, your mails continue to be archived and deleted from your server.

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