You can collect information from users inside or outside the system by creating unique surveys in Divvy Drive.

Creating and Editing Forms

You can collect information from users inside or outside the system by creating your own surveys in Drive.

  • To create a form, click New from the Quick Access menu / New from the right-click menu / click the Form field in the left menu.
  • Save the Form you want to create by entering a name and specifying the folder where the form will be saved.
  • Open the relevant form by double click or Open from the three dots menu.
  • You can add unlimited Questions, Titles, Images and Sections to the form.
  • In the form, you can create questions to collect answers with many methods such as short answer, paragraph, multiple choice, drop-down menu, date, time, and even upload media data to these questions.
  • Thanks to the form, you can also get file data from outside users with the File Upload option.
  • By specifying parameters such as character limit, TR identity check, e-mail address verification in the answers given with Response verification, you can ensure that the respondent enters correct information.
  • According to the answer selected in the Dropdown Menu questions, you can redirect to the relevant section/questions.
  • You can change the theme color of the form with the icon.
  • After saving, you can create a Preview of how your form looks.
  • You can change the order of your questions with the Drag and drop method.
  • With the Settings button, you can get the e-mail addresses of the people who will respond to your survey, and allow one person to create more than one answer.
  • User authentication is possible with the Require Login option for your surveys that you want only drive users to answer.
  • Select Save > Share to submit your form.
  • Thanks to the created link, you can share your form with copy/paste, data matrix or e-mail options.

After editing all your survey and questions in the form, save the changes with the Save button.

  • After editing, each save operation creates a new version.
  • You can access each version created from the ''Version-x'' field.
  • With each 'Share'' option, a different new link is created.
  • After the relevant form is shared, when the answers are started to be received, the answers of the relevant version are included in the shared version.

Example: After version 1 is shared, all responses will be received for version 1. When an additional question is added and the same form is shared, the 2nd version will be produced. Therefore, the form link will change. In this case, when the new link is shared and the answers are started to be received, the relevant answers will be accessible only within the 2nd version.

  • You can find the link information of each version from the icon next to the Version number.
  • To access and delete the links of the versions, you can access them from the settings area under the Version heading.
  • Open the relevant Form to see the responses of the users to the forms.
  • You can view all incoming responses from the 'Responses' field in the form via smart dashboards.
  • You can report the responses received for the form as an excel document with the symbol.
  • Under the Responses heading, you can stop the people shared for your form from responding or delete all responses.
  • Under the Answers heading;
    • - From the Summary area, you can view all the answers on one page.
    • - If you can view the answers based on the question in the Question field.
    • - From the Standalone field, you can view the responses on a person-to-person basis, along with a preview of the form.
  • To unshare the form shared with the link, enter the Left menu > Sharing > My File Shares with Link field.
  • Select Remove Link from the right click or three dots menu on the relevant form.
  • Select Edit Link from the right-click or three-dots menu to edit options such as the number of downloads and validity period of the created link.
  • Click the View button to view the link.
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