Job Tracking

Job Tracking module is a module that helps to keep track of all planned jobs and tasks. In this module, there are Board (which is the general task area to follow), List (the titles in which cards/tasks are categorized) and Cards (tasks/jobs to be followed).

Creating Clipboard/List/Card

  • Enter the Job Tracking module.
  • Assign a name and color for your board with the Add Board button on the left menu.
  • All created boards are listed under the 'My Boards' heading.
  • You can add unlimited cards to your board with unlimited lists and the + button next to the list names.
  • To share your board with the people in the institution; Click on the 'Details' field from the three-dot menu next to the relevant board name.
  • You can share your clipboard with users and user groups, and define privileges.
    • - Edit Authority, shared user with this authority can assign tags to cards.
    • - Share Authorization, shared user with this authorization can share this board with other users.
    • - With the Manage Authority, the shared user with this authority can make changes to the lists and cards on the clipboard.
  • By selecting the Notify by SMS or e-mail option in this area, you can ensure that users are instantly notified.
  • After the sharing process is done, you can view the user and their privileges at the bottom of the floating window.
  • When you click on the blue alarm icon to the left of the share icon, you can access the information area about the people reached by this board.
  • For each Board, the labels to be used in that board can be defined / edited.
  • This area can be edited by the board owner or users with the can manage authority.
  • You can edit/color the labels to be assigned to the cards in this area. You can use the add new tag option for this process or you can use the 3-dot menu at the end of the tag.
  • When you click on the created cards, the date and label on the relevant card (the labels here are automatically displayed, but they can be added later.)
  • You can assign users to the cards in order to determine who is responsible for the determined tasks.
  • By clicking on the relevant card, you can assign a user from the Assign user to this card field.

Note: In order to assign a user, the relevant board must be shared with that user.

Clue It is possible to assign dates, users and labels to tasks by entering them into the cards. Documents such as pdf, word, excel can be uploaded. Comments can be made by people who view the board about the follow-up of the task. With the timeline option, it is possible to track all changes on the card.

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