Working with Ms Office Files

Divvy Drive It enables Office files to be opened and edited with 3 different editors. In order to open your files using a different editor, you can open your files with the editor you want by right-clicking in Word, Excel files or by entering the open field from the three-dot menu.

  1. Microsoft Office Online: It provides the opportunity to use the Office programs that you use as licensed within the institution. You can simultaneously organize your office documents in Public Folders and Shared Folders with more than one person.
  2. Libre is an open source editor.
  3. Divvy Office: It is an editor that provides the same functions as Office programs that we have developed.
Simultaneous Operation
  • With Microsoft Office Online and Libre Office editors, it is possible to work simultaneously with people in the institution.
  • For simultaneous editing, a file in a public folder or shared folder must be opened by at least two users. When the file is opened, users who edit the file can be viewed in the upper right corner. As a general rule of editors, data cannot be entered in the same line in the word processor and in the same cell in the spreadsheet. The name of the user is written on the row or cell where the other editing user is processing.
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