Files You Can Store in Divvy Drive

Divvy Drive; It supports many file types such as .doc, docx, .xls, xlsx, .ppt, pptx, .mdb, mdbx, avi, mp4, mov, mp3, jped, png, psd, exe, pdf, rar, zip, txt, odt, ods, rtf, php.

Note:: Some file types can be stored, but they cannot be opened and edited within the system. You can use the Divvy-Flash application for such files or download them to your desktop and make your edits.

Note:: Zip files cannot be opened on the web. However, you can zip your files in Divvy Drive over the web, if you wish, you can store your files with zip extension in the system. In order to open Zip files, Divvy-Flash application must be used.

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